Good day smart worker. I believe you are doing great at work. Do not mind that you are not on the news or on the tabloids for the good work you are doing. Just keep putting in your best, enjoying the fact that your input is not only solving problems, it is also making someone happy. You are simply doing great.

I believe you are taking good care of the greatest machine ever made-your body. That is how I refer to it at my health talks and people initially wonder why, until I explain it with their own experiences of healing/recovery. The human body is dynamic. The maker built it to last and filled the earth with the maintenance materials. However, we, through are terrible choices, invade it with the wrong things, then wonder why it fails us so woefully. How do I know this? I was there over two decades ago. I was only able to identify what was killing me slowly because I listened to my body. Listen to your body, for it speaks everyday and regularly too.

One of the best things you will need to do for your body is to listen to it. Yes, listen for the body speaks. It will tell you what the food you ingest is doing to it. That is how I came to know what was disorganizing my whole life as allergy. May be it would have even caused my early exit if I did not stop eating the culprit food. Allergy kills. I believe you know that. However,  today I am not writing about allergies. This is about you listening and responding appropriately to what you are hearing your body say.

Sickness generally is a wake up call that something is wrong. However, long before one actually falls completely ill, there has been nudges albeit neglected. As one crosses into a new decade in age, the body’s ability to digest all that one has been eating before reduces due to reduction in the hormones and  digestive juices. Interestingly, these reductions start in our 20s as opposed to what we were made to believe that it starts at middle age. Aging starts in our 20s and it is slightly different for everyone based on a few factors. The chief of which is food and drink choices, followed by longevity heritage, which is the very high rate of cell renewal.  The faster your cells renew, the slower you will age from inside out. So I ask, how are your food and drink choices?

Nearly all sicknesses can be traced to what we ingested and inhaled. That brings the environment you spend time in into the picture. You may say ‘I cannot control that. That is the environment my employer provided to carry on work’. Make a demand and suggestion for a better one. Everyone will be more productive in a better/healthier environment.

Listen to your body so you can apply body intelligence which Stephen Covey calls “Physical Intelligence” in the 8th Habit of Highly Effective People. In that book, he says we all must be equipped with four intelligence quotients, Physical Intelligence(PQ) being one of them. Ability to take care of your body for maximum productivity. Anthony Robbins corroborated this in “Physical Destiny” chapter in his book “Awaken The Giant Within”.  If you do not stop to heed the small nudges that your body gives you, nature will stop you through illness to take care of it. Hopefully, it can be corrected then.

I leave you with my own experience of listening to my body. Slightly over two decades ago, I used to suffer from very incapacitating sinuses. My mom had already taught us how to detox with what was commonly used then. As an adult, I kept doing it. Mine was Epsom salt. I will take it. However, the very next day, I will return to what was poisoning my system without knowing it. Someone who saw how disturbed I was by the sinuses one day, told me to load up on fruits to fight it. That was when I developed my love for fruits. I just needed to overcome this. I will eat fruit as whole meal, not that wrong way we were thought which rather aggravated the body’s acidity. It worked for a few years, then resumed with vehemence. This time it came with itching and boils. Anti-histamins handled the itching, but the boils refused to heal even with antibiotics. They must be incised and drained at a clinic. However, they never healed, because I will ignorantly go back to the culprit food. It was there I was told to find what was causing it. It could be topical (cream/soap) or ingested food. I isolated foods until I could identify it- wheat products. I was glutein intolerant. Every bite of any wheat product I ate was ‘poison ivy’ to my system. My problem ended by keeping it out of my menu. The boils simply ceased. Up until my late 20s, my body could digest glutein or so I believe. The party was over for me as I approached 30. Today do I still eat wheat products? Yes. Very minimally with detoxification in view.

Do yourself a huge favor, listen to your body, for it speaks. As we age, the body can no longer handle some things. It is intelligent, respect it. Remember, it is the only vehicle our creator gave us to fulfill our dreams here, innovating and impacting the earth. Make it work for you!



“What time do you have to gym every day?”
“Why is it so easy for Martha to keep track of her expenses?”
“How do you organize your daily tasks so easily!?”
“I should start drinking enough water like you do.”

Admired and desired behavioral traits are not developed overnight. What you do repeatedly sticks and becomes a part of you. John did not automatically find it so easy to go to the gym every day, neither did Martha initially love the discipline of keeping and maintaining a record of expenses. If you think of any habit you have now, be it negative or positive, you would realize that the development of such started gradually. For the good ones, it was not that much of an easy task to get to where you are with it at the moment.
I would go straight to a guideline for habit formation that has worked for myself and a couple of other people I know.

  • Goal formation: Some of the goals we want to achieve will require the development of habits. We get dissatisfied and want to improve on different areas of ourselves. John probably has a goal of attaining a certain weight, wants to get a better physique or may be a directive of his doctor. Martha probably has the goal of clear skin. It is important that you state the habit(s) needed to attain that goal and aim at developing them.
  • Plan to be persistent: I would also advice that you make plans to maintain this habit. Set reminders, get an accountability partner that would not take unreasonable excuses. Also set ‘benefit reminders’ (this helps a lot because we sometimes forget why we need those habits formed).
  • Take Baby steps: I know it will be amazing if we could have so much willpower to go hard on those habits but it is important that one starts small. Taking little steps and setting reasonable targets will make it easier to be consistent over time. Start doing those things you can sustain for the beginning phase. It is much better to take realistic steps than taking unrealistic ones which you cannot keep up with. When I wanted to form the habit of meditating every day, I started with 10 minutes a day and that was unrealistic because it was hard to get my mind still for that long everyday which I was not used to. So, I reduced the minutes to 6 minutes and I did so in bits, 3 in the morning and before bed. That was more realistic and easy to keep up with for the beginning phase.
  • Build on it: If you are consistent, you would get used to the baby steps and can begin to take on more. You want to develop your writing skills? You could start by writing a short note to yourself daily. After some weeks, get a buddy and ask for permission to send a note of how your day went. Then later go further to pick a word, quote or phrase to share your thoughts on. It’s a gradual process.
  • Know the benefits: It is also very important that you are aware of the good returns of that habit. Remember the good feeling from the returns and stir up a craving for it. Having this at the back of your mind will serve as a motivation to keep developing that habit.
    Be it a health habit, a work habit or a family (group) habit, cheers to the formation of good habits!

Written by:

Ima-Abasi Itama (ACIPM)


GUT FEELING – Continued

Good morning Smart worker, I trust you are doing well and your gut feeling has been serving well.

Like I mentioned in my last post on “Your Gut Feeling”, you have to develop it. It is pertinent that you do so because you need to partly depend on it for successful decisions and outcomes. Be observant of how you take decisions and how those decisions turn out. Consciously listen to that inner voice giving you direction; Consistently touch base with it and move when the prompting is strongest.

Stephen Covey in ‘The Eighth Habit of Highly Effective People’ touched heavily on the spiritual aspect of man. Bringing that spiritual man to the workplace and using it to leave a legacy as one traverses this earth. That he says in the book, man can achieve by working in principled ways. To serve in principled ways, one must listen a lot and respect that gut feeling instinct. Your own spirit man is in tune with your creator and wants to direct you on that job/ business you call work.

If you can spend sometime in the early hours of the day before you jump into your busy schedule, you create a connection that will guide you through the labyrinth of the day. Read the all the self- development books, you will see this early time of quietness and planning mentioned. When you run into situations you desperately need direction, touch base deep inside of you, the powerful spiritual side of your life will rise to tell you what to do. Some people say “I don’t know, from nowhere it hit me like a thunderbolt of what to do”. Some “I had this gut feeling to…” and some others actually say “God told me to do it that way”. It came from somewhere. Gut or God, they are all right. We are spirit beings and the line is always free to connect with our creator for direction if we so desire. So stay tuned.

Have a successful week!

Dressing Appropriately

Hello smart worker. I believe you are doing great.

With the numerous rules and dictates of appropriate dressing, fashion and styling, it is still sometimes difficult to determine what is appropriate for different occasions. Style can and should be incorporated into the different aspects of our lives. What I mean is, for the workplace, what would be expected and appropriate may not be necessary for a “girls’ night out” or a “guys’ night out”. What would be expected at a “girls’ night out” may not be suitable for a wedding ceremony; and most definitely, what you wear to the beach will not be appropriate for the workplace or a spiritual environment.

It is important to be able to pull off the style needed at any given time and occasion; stay true to one’s values as well as the expectations for the occasion. Looking closely, you will confirm that career constitutes a major part of one’s adult life. Your corporate life is that part of you that is put out there to serve humanity whilst getting paid for it. In that area of our lives, God has given us a platform called work to showcase our talent and we will get paid for doing that as people obtain value from it. On that platform, part of what people will observe and pay us for will be our outlook, which comprise of clothes, delicately, appropriately and stylishly put together to call the right attention. I have heard this statement for so long “dress the way you want to be addressed”. I would like to share my thoughts on this as we go on. I have found myself in discussions on whether that mantra needs to be trashed or not. I am of the opinion that no matter how much the world has evolved to focus on the value one can bring instead of appearance, there is always a brief psychological reaction to the outlook of someone we just met. This reaction, if negative could go further to distort the behavioral interaction subsequent. We all know what follows: the individual goes the extra mile to prove the value he/ she can bring to the table. In the same vein, a positive psychological reaction or impression formation will boost interactions between parties. Appearance plays a role in the success of one’s career. Your outlook speaks for and about you even before you talk.

The issue of dressing in business interactions or in the workplace has been centered round meeting expectations, alignment with company culture, following the rules, pleasing others and all that. However, sense of dressing should also stem form one’s values, interests and desires. . No matter where you are heading to or what you are doing, you need to be in your best and most comfortable outfit, dressed appropriately.

The desire to be confident in any setting should motivate someone to pick an outfit in which the person is comfortable, suiting his/her style and leaving no doubts about the person’s capabilities and values. You can certainly gain more confidence from the way you dress. Your sense of style on a daily basis can totally depict how you perceive yourself and this can influence your lifestyle in general.

Have a restful weekend!

Your Gut Feeling

The year is moving fast to be halved and things are becoming clearer. However, the road may be a little bumpy for some people, thereby slowing them down. If you are one of such, do not worry. Note the bumpy areas and gather the lessons they are teaching you. This is so that if you meet such bumpy area again ahead, you will identify it and immediately apply lessons learned whilst being open still for new insights. That is how it works.

In management, it is called – applying Your Gut Feeling. In using your gut feeling, you will not have to think too hard about it. Rather you will draw from your past experience and where you are at that moment to make the right decision.

The gut feeling is an area you will need to develop, respect and use consistently for your work. Develop it. Always remember this, it is what you make from whatever you do as work that funds every other area of your life.
Celebrate work.


God Will Not Tell You Everything

One of the beautiful experiences of a yieled christian is the ability to hear God for himself/herself. You can surely tell someone God told me or revealed to me something He wants to do in my life. Thereby you can say as Mary said “Be it unto me according to thy word o Lord” with joy. That confidence of hearing God is a gift every christian should desire. That way you will not only know what is next, you will partner with God to make it happen for you. However note, He will not tell you everything concerning what He told you. If He ever does, it will be coded. If He tells you everything in plain language, you may actually reject His plans and thoughts for you by saying “God forbid” to some aspects, thereby truncating His work.
How many of you watched “The Passion of The Christ”. You may need to watch it again so you can grasp what you will read here.
Remember in that film where Jesus was being whipped with the stripes, Mary was walking through Pontious Pilates’ palace looking lost and bewildered whilst Pilates wife was secretely following her watching her depth of confusion? Mary was in deep thought there trying to remember the different prophesies about her son Jesus. Wondering where exactly was this part of suffering mentioned in the different beautiful prophesies. How did she miss hearing about this pain? Probably she would have just told the angel “Take such blessing somewhere else. Of what use is it having a child that will go through such horror including myself”.
Now, look deeply into your life especially if you are upto forty and you had what you can call a personal sure word of prophesy. Not the one you were told God will do for you by someone else. You will see that you have passed through such a road on your journey of life to come out on the other side. Or may be you are yet to enter into that road. But trust me, it is on the pathway of life. For some it is usually short, for some it is long. Short or long, it is a phase. It will pass as surely as the night gives way to day.
For a majority, they usually cross over to the other side victorious. For some, they go down with the challenge. The former always go deep down into themselves to pull up the strength and wisdom of God seated deeply and run powerfully the race that is set before them with a victors mind set, knowing that God cannot lie. The latter is not so. Both are perplexed, the former is not discouraged. Both are battered and exhausted, the former not giving up. Both are mocked and sometimes abused, the former ignoring, to stay focused on God and His promise to him/her.
I do not know if Mary found where that aspect of suffering was mentioned in all that she was told, because Simeon actually mentioned it in Lk 2:25a. It was coded. However, the positives of having a baby of her own with such heavy glory silenced every other sayings. She did not hear it, talk less of decoding it. Hence the bewildered state when she saw her son being whipped like a common criminal. Is it not how we all are. Consumed by all the beautiful things God said He would do for us not knowing or even believing that the ride could be bumpy due to the roughness of the road. Meanwhile crossing it has been assured ( Is 45:2; 1Cor 10:13).

If God had shown Joseph the pit and prison on the way to the palace, he would probably have told God that it is meant for one of his mature brothers already built physically for such. “God, cause this cup to pass over me” he would have cried.
Remember Abram. A few times God tried to make him forget the delay and trust that what He told him will happen. Infact, Abram-the childless father of many nations had been mocked so much that he entered the street called “doubt” on his own journey. For he laughed in Gen 18 when God repeated the promise.

Our Lord Jesus Himself got to the point where his humanity cried that the assignment be taken away from Him (Mk 14:35-36).

However, victory awaits all who go through this road trusting God. Short or long. Mild or excruciating.

For Mary received back her son alive again after three days and the beautiful prophecies about Him came to pass.
Joseph got to the palace.
Salvation plan for mankind was achieved.

Be assured that the perplexing, exhausting and mockery road God takes us through always lead to victorious ends. Stay focussed on Him, holding onto your personal sure word from Him and the sure word of prophecy (2Pet 1:19).
This too shall pass.

Principles of Communication

Hello smart worker. I believe you are having  a successful week.

One thing we will be doing throughout our lives will be communicating. From our homes, through the road as we commute, to the place where we earn a living. Hence it is one area we all must keep improving. It is my major area of research.

Communication has been defined and redefined severally in trying to improve it but most people still run with this improved basic definition as “Passing of Information from one person to another with meaning and receiving feedback.” As simple as that definition is, communication breakdown continues to happen in all strata of the society. It is the foundation of many problems from the home to the marketplace.

We will like to work with you to improve the communication in your office using a working definition that will definitely improve how people communicate around you and with your customers. Just fill the form on: You will hear from me.

Meanwhile, use the Principles of Communication also referred to as the 7Cs of Communication to improve your communication with all you interact with:-

The 7 Cs of Communication:

1. CLARITY- Always plan to be clear in your communication. Do not be ambiguous in what you are passing across so you always have your audience.
2. COURTESY- Be courteous in both written and verbal communication. Courtesy will endear people to you.
3. CONSIDERATION- Consider the recipient of your communication. Address the person/group rightly and give them what will make him/them respond favorably to you.
4. CONCRETENESS- Give concrete facts on what you are conveying. Research to get your facts.
5. CONCISENESS- Do not be verbose. Be explicit, however, make it succinct so people can remember. Obey the
K.I.S.S rule – Keep It Short and Simple.
6. CORRECTNESS- Use the correct level of language. Do not speak above or below the recipient of your communication. Find out how those you interact with both physically and through mails want to be addressed and do so correctly. Also give correct information.
7. COMPLETENESS- Give a complete message. Going back and forth on a topic to extract information from you can be frustrating for the other party. This borders on planning. Planning your communication will help you reduce cost and create understanding in the other person/group.
If you observe 1 to 6, you will be tending towards a complete communication anyway.

Make a conscious effort to get better at communicating with all around you and importantly, with your clients/customers.

Have a successful week.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

It is that time of the year when we actually take out a day to celebrate those beautiful people we call mothers. Have fun doing that.

This is actually a repost.

A mother, be it human mother, animal mother or insect mother is so important not just for procreation but also for provision and protection of her young ones in different times. People have tried to make an acronym out of that word “Mother”. If you read through the internet, you will see quite a bit. However an interesting one caught my attention:

Most Omnipotent & Treasurable Heroine in Everybody’s Reality = MOTHER

A preacher man once said “when God wanted to be everywhere, He created mothers”. Aren’t we all heroines when we truly want to be who God made us. That’s the reason anyone of us is usually called irresponsible when she fails to perform as one. Have you ever entered that realm where you wonder how a woman transforms to play the role of both father and mother when the head of the family bows out. I saw one when I was still in my teens. A woman who was rolling on the floor that her husband spoilt her and left her so early. Her husband never allowed her changed the gas cylinder. She felt so stranded at the passing away of her husband. However, after the mourning period , she became a different person. I had the opportunity of seeing her again nearly 3 decades later, all her toddlers then are now graduates without a man beside her. Even when the men are beside us, the heroine in us rises up when we confront some circumstances.

It is mother’s day again in a few hours, celebrate her, dead or alive. Get a good gift if you can afford it. Better still, miss a few days lunch and pick a gift for the mother in your life. Now, I will give you this assignment you will do from now on till she departs in her good old age. On your birthday, I mean your own, buy your mom a gift.

There is one truth you are not being told, the blessing from your biological parents lips supersedes every other person’s. A pastor friend reminded me of that recently. If you don’t believe, become a parent and start making the sacrifices. If they have passed on, you may actually feel like bringing them back to life to do some things for them, which is not possible. Do something for her memory if she has passed on.

I have heard of where daughters left hospitals after baby delivery and went straight to apologise for all their insolent behavior towards their moms during their growing up years. They have only gone through labour, yet to start the real work of raising a child.

Begin this year to do something special for your parents on your birthday, so you will not have to cry too much when they pass on nor live in regrets.

Start by picking an art from this our collection to design a card for her this mothers’ day.

Happy mothers’ day to all living mothers! May you live to reap the fruit of your labour.


Big Pharma Will Not Tell You This

Good morning great worker. Trust the month is unfolding beautifully for you and you are taking good care of the greatest machine ever made, your body.

We are all seeing the widespread renal failures happening; and when it starts, it is like there is no remedy. Truly, there is no remedy. It has been proven that the organs sustain the body and when once it is diagnosed as failing, it is the beginning of an end. Sometimes an avoidable end. So how do you ensure that these organs serve you for a long time without collapsing? At least do what you can and let God handle what you cannot.

First, get smarter on health with your phone. Use your smart phone to research on food that strengthen the organs of the body to make them work smartly for you. Then deliberately chose to eat and snack on them.
When you are out to a buffet lunch/dinner, load up on them first. Then keep a little space for those useless foods we all love to eat sometimes. Do they not always taste very sweet? I have mine and I know you do too.

Secondly, spend money on keeping the internal part of your body functioning well. The internal ones control all the external organs. Do not wear expensive designer brands on a deteriorating body. A cheap brand will sit well on a very healthy body.

Finally and most importantly, some times, it is the same drugs that you are given or you purchased over the counter with your money that will destroy these important internal organs of the body. Take time to understand and research on the medication you or any close family member of yours is taking.

I remember clearly the growing up years of my children, when I visit the clinic in those days and my children are given pain killers from the Ibuprofen family, paracetamol is usually added with the advice, stop the former after the first or second use and continue with paracetamol. Reason being the heavy burden of Ibuprofen on the kidneys. Those heavy pain killers are also too heavy on the important organs of the body. Big Pharma will not tell us this. Listen to the names of the medications you are being given, most of the Ibuprofen now come in different names. Above all, read, you are literate. These days doctors now give pain killers of the Ibuprofen family for ordinary headache and body pains. After the first use, just junk it and take something milder. It will work. Also, if you rest properly and eat right, the body takes over to heal itself. Leave Ibuprofen for major mind boggling pains. Save your organs from such wild attack. Interestingly, it is your money that is paying for this deterioration. That is what big pharma does. Throw us into a cycle of pain. You believe you are treating something. However, you are incurring a more debilitating one and when you go back, more Ibuprofen is given. End result, renal failure. kidneys.
For further reading, google: Pain medicines(Analgesics)- National kidney foundation

We will do what we ought to do and the almighty God will perfect our efforts in taking care of the body He gave us to use here on earth.
Great day people.


Love is in the Air

Today is lovers day, I learnt. Since I was little, I have been hearing about it – Valentine’s day. However, I never had the chance of celebrating it the way people do. My husband does not believe in it. I do not push for it also because my understanding of love is deeper than celebrating one day out of 365 days.

I believe in loving an individual for being a creation of God and an extension of Him. That way, I have been able to love some very difficult and hard to get along people to the extent people ask me “How do you get along with such a person”, and I just smile and give this answer, “It is the side of the elephant you touch that you will describe. May be I touch the softer part”. Better still, I chose to accommodate.  I guess some people have asked another person that question concerning me too. Truth is once in a while people throw up their difficult part and say in their minds “deal with that” and you truly dealt with it the best way you knew.

This one day will come and go, with the euphoria and frenzy. However, that difficult human being will still be there, either in your office or home. Use part of this frenzied love to reconnect with that person on a different level. See, I used different not deeper. Is there any good thing you can do for that person who has really upset you, trampled on you, despised you etc. Enact ways of loving the person. Remember you don’t have to be friends.

A few suggestions. If you are working in the office with such a person, when you come across what will help him/her to deliver better at work, forward it; you come across an information that will enhance his report to management, forward it to him/her. On their special days, send a greeting. If such days are posted on social media, drop a line. Remember, this difficult person you will have to spend eight hours of everyday with cannot be wished away. Device loving ways to work with that person. Same with that difficult person at home, for love is in the air. That is part of my understanding of love. Trust me, it will even improve your health.

Have a lovely weekend.


Health is Wealth

It is the second month of the year and we have all settled into our annual work groove. Working both hard and smart whilst depending on God’s guidance and infinite love to bless our hussle. May we all find favour in His site this year.

I will dwell on health topics a few times over the course of the year because “Health is Wealth”. As simple as that statement is, living healthily can be an ardous task for some because we were all raised eating not just the wrong foods, but also eating the many right ones wrongly. Yes, we have so many right food around us.

I started eating healthily because of my peculiar circumstance of indigestion. Later allergic condition joined. I then decided to solve my health issues by getting information through lots and lots of research.

Purpose to make living healthily simple by loving your body and making it sweet for you. Just as you feel the taste of food and enjoy it’s sweetness, feel the sweetness of your body and repeat the actions that make it so.
One of the healthy things you must add to the few I have mentioned in earlier posts, is eating fruits correctly.

Cultivate the habit of eating fruits as a meal not with other things. That is the best way to get the full benefit of fruits and clean up your gut. Yes you can eat just an apple, suck a few oranges or eat few fingers of banana. However, don’t top it with any other thing for about an hour. Neither should you eat fruits right after food. Really? Yes. That is why I say it can be difficult for some people having done it differently for so long.

Fruits stay in the stomach for about one hour and sweeps it as it goes into the small intestine, cleaning your gut. This is why you should make it the last thing at a buffet if you want to eat fruit there. If you take it first, then you need to wait for at least 45 minutes before you touch anything. It needs that length of time for it to do its work. Which is likely not possible for you to have such time. Mixing fruit with the main course or cooked food will make you gaseous and of course of no benefit to your body. You get the greatest benefit if you make it stand alone. That is, eat it as a full meal and drink your water later. If you can afford it, super charge it with water of the right ph. Bang, you just took medication in form of fruits and water. Very serious debilitating illnesses have responded to this style of eating used as treatment where the sick person becomes healed.

I leave you with an appeal in this second month, still very early in the year- make your food and water your medicine, so that medication will not be your food. Let us make our bodies work for us and carry us a great distance. It is our responsibility to do so, not Gods’.

Anthony Robbins in his book ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ in the Physical Destiny chapter says “Sell your car and buy a juicer. It will carry you farther than your car”.
Your body is the only vehicle you have to live out your dreams. Start this year to respect and take good care of it.

Have a successful month!


The Abundant Earth


Happy new year to you and your lovely family.
The year has kicked into full gear for everyone. It is that time of the year when we all make resolutions and try to keep to them, pursuing our goals.

During the festive season, I kept my mind on this abundant earth, totally jam packed with all that man needs to live and succeed. The creator of the universe ensured we had all that is necessary and abundantly so. However, it dawned on me, His own abundance too. He is available for us all. As many as we are on this earth, we are not struggling to breathe. As many as we are, we have enough space to co-exist, not sitting on each other’s laps nor sleeping on each other except those forced by a fellow man to do so. The earth is vast enough and abundantly equipped. It was made so by an abundant God himself. He is simply the almighty creator. And He goes by different names in different cultures.

That dream you have for yourself has been abundantly provided for. It does not matter if one million people have the same dream, yours has been provided for and abundantly so. There’s no need to try to steal from someone else or displace another to have yours. Think that way and you will experience abundance in your life this year. Encourage people around you to think about the abundant God who ensures that as many as we are, we are all breathing at the same time. No one is deprived of air except by his fellow man.

Your dream has been abundantly provided for by an abundant God, reach for it.

I wish you God’s infinite flow of all that you require to live your dream life in this 2019.


Drink Right to Stay Motivated

I believe you are having fun with your body, the greatest machine ever made. I appeal that you to take good care of it so it can serve you well and for a long time.

The body has ability to heal itself even when it finally succumbs to an attack of virus if the right things are ingested. God made that your machine to not only last but also renew. It’s the renewal that gives it the lasting capability; and this renewal is meant to be on a daily basis. You the owner and manager of this machine daily loading it with the benefits of abundant renewing foods that God has provided for us. However, He will not put these healing foods in our mouths. That is what we should do by and for ourselves and families. Imagine if everyone in your family takes time to eat and drink with a health conscious mentality? I am trying my best to steer all in my home to do that. Making them realise that, even in eating, decision making is important. Because, if anyone falls ill, time tables will need to be reaaranged, which obviously will affect some things including financial resources.

Let us look at the simple action of hand washing. If ignored and someone eats with unwashed fingers that have touched so many things/places, thereby picking germs from all those things/places. Infection is usually the result. This finally shows up with high fever late in the evening. List and count the cost of all that will be done before everyone can have a peaceful night rest. Effect of this may even affect the next day.

Living consciously must be applied in our health habits too. If you have to change what takes up 75% space in your body to have good health, do it. It will still be cheaper than treating a debilitating illness. Every glass of the right can of water you drink does the right thing to your system( watch out

It is the festive season when people buy those expensive designer shoes, bags and apparel to show off. Anthony Robbins said in his book AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN,  “Sell your car and buy a juicer. It will take you farther than your car”. He was talking about juicing your fruits and vegetables.

I will say ‘Instead of designer shoes, bags and apparels on potential sick bodies, invest in an affordable alkaline water machine for you and your family. Your bodies will shine in any brand’.

Improve on the quality of what you drink. Hydrate your body from the cellular level!

Have a successful week.