God Will Not Tell You Everything

One of the beautiful experiences of a yieled christian is the ability to hear God for himself/herself. You can surely tell someone God told me or revealed to me something He wants to do in my life. Thereby you can say as Mary said “Be it unto me according to thy word o Lord” with joy. That confidence of hearing God is a gift every christian should desire. That way you will not only know what is next, you will partner with God to make it happen for you. However note, He will not tell you everything concerning what He told you. If He ever does, it will be coded. If He tells you everything in plain language, you may actually reject His plans and thoughts for you by saying “God forbid” to some aspects, thereby truncating His work.
How many of you watched “The Passion of The Christ”. You may need to watch it again so you can grasp what you will read here.
Remember in that film where Jesus was being whipped with the stripes, Mary was walking through Pontious Pilates’ palace looking lost and bewildered whilst Pilates wife was secretely following her watching her depth of confusion? Mary was in deep thought there trying to remember the different prophesies about her son Jesus. Wondering where exactly was this part of suffering mentioned in the different beautiful prophesies. How did she miss hearing about this pain? Probably she would have just told the angel “Take such blessing somewhere else. Of what use is it having a child that will go through such horror including myself”.
Now, look deeply into your life especially if you are upto forty and you had what you can call a personal sure word of prophesy. Not the one you were told God will do for you by someone else. You will see that you have passed through such a road on your journey of life to come out on the other side. Or may be you are yet to enter into that road. But trust me, it is on the pathway of life. For some it is usually short, for some it is long. Short or long, it is a phase. It will pass as surely as the night gives way to day.
For a majority, they usually cross over to the other side victorious. For some, they go down with the challenge. The former always go deep down into themselves to pull up the strength and wisdom of God seated deeply and run powerfully the race that is set before them with a victors mind set, knowing that God cannot lie. The latter is not so. Both are perplexed, the former is not discouraged. Both are battered and exhausted, the former not giving up. Both are mocked and sometimes abused, the former ignoring, to stay focused on God and His promise to him/her.
I do not know if Mary found where that aspect of suffering was mentioned in all that she was told, because Simeon actually mentioned it in Lk 2:25a. It was coded. However, the positives of having a baby of her own with such heavy glory silenced every other sayings. She did not hear it, talk less of decoding it. Hence the bewildered state when she saw her son being whipped like a common criminal. Is it not how we all are. Consumed by all the beautiful things God said He would do for us not knowing or even believing that the ride could be bumpy due to the roughness of the road. Meanwhile crossing it has been assured ( Is 45:2; 1Cor 10:13).

If God had shown Joseph the pit and prison on the way to the palace, he would probably have told God that it is meant for one of his mature brothers already built physically for such. “God, cause this cup to pass over me” he would have cried.
Remember Abram. A few times God tried to make him forget the delay and trust that what He told him will happen. Infact, Abram-the childless father of many nations had been mocked so much that he entered the street called “doubt” on his own journey. For he laughed in Gen 18 when God repeated the promise.

Our Lord Jesus Himself got to the point where his humanity cried that the assignment be taken away from Him (Mk 14:35-36).

However, victory awaits all who go through this road trusting God. Short or long. Mild or excruciating.

For Mary received back her son alive again after three days and the beautiful prophecies about Him came to pass.
Joseph got to the palace.
Salvation plan for mankind was achieved.

Be assured that the perplexing, exhausting and mockery road God takes us through always lead to victorious ends. Stay focussed on Him, holding onto your personal sure word from Him and the sure word of prophecy (2Pet 1:19).
This too shall pass.

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