GUT FEELING – Continued

Good morning Smart worker, I trust you are doing well and your gut feeling has been serving well.

Like I mentioned in my last post on “Your Gut Feeling”, you have to develop it. It is pertinent that you do so because you need to partly depend on it for successful decisions and outcomes. Be observant of how you take decisions and how those decisions turn out. Consciously listen to that inner voice giving you direction; Consistently touch base with it and move when the prompting is strongest.

Stephen Covey in ‘The Eighth Habit of Highly Effective People’ touched heavily on the spiritual aspect of man. Bringing that spiritual man to the workplace and using it to leave a legacy as one traverses this earth. That he says in the book, man can achieve by working in principled ways. To serve in principled ways, one must listen a lot and respect that gut feeling instinct. Your own spirit man is in tune with your creator and wants to direct you on that job/ business you call work.

If you can spend sometime in the early hours of the day before you jump into your busy schedule, you create a connection that will guide you through the labyrinth of the day. Read the all the self- development books, you will see this early time of quietness and planning mentioned. When you run into situations you desperately need direction, touch base deep inside of you, the powerful spiritual side of your life will rise to tell you what to do. Some people say “I don’t know, from nowhere it hit me like a thunderbolt of what to do”. Some “I had this gut feeling to…” and some others actually say “God told me to do it that way”. It came from somewhere. Gut or God, they are all right. We are spirit beings and the line is always free to connect with our creator for direction if we so desire. So stay tuned.

Have a successful week!

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