Health is Wealth

It is the second month of the year and we have all settled into our annual work groove. Working both hard and smart whilst depending on God’s guidance and infinite love to bless our hussle. May we all find favour in His site this year.

I will dwell on health topics a few times over the course of the year because “Health is Wealth”. As simple as that statement is, living healthily can be an ardous task for some because we were all raised eating not just the wrong foods, but also eating the many right ones wrongly. Yes, we have so many right food around us.

I started eating healthily because of my peculiar circumstance of indigestion. Later allergic condition joined. I then decided to solve my health issues by getting information through lots and lots of research.

Purpose to make living healthily simple by loving your body and making it sweet for you. Just as you feel the taste of food and enjoy it’s sweetness, feel the sweetness of your body and repeat the actions that make it so.
One of the healthy things you must add to the few I have mentioned in earlier posts, is eating fruits correctly.

Cultivate the habit of eating fruits as a meal not with other things. That is the best way to get the full benefit of fruits and clean up your gut. Yes you can eat just an apple, suck a few oranges or eat few fingers of banana. However, don’t top it with any other thing for about an hour. Neither should you eat fruits right after food. Really? Yes. That is why I say it can be difficult for some people having done it differently for so long.

Fruits stay in the stomach for about one hour and sweeps it as it goes into the small intestine, cleaning your gut. This is why you should make it the last thing at a buffet if you want to eat fruit there. If you take it first, then you need to wait for at least 45 minutes before you touch anything. It needs that length of time for it to do its work. Which is likely not possible for you to have such time. Mixing fruit with the main course or cooked food will make you gaseous and of course of no benefit to your body. You get the greatest benefit if you make it stand alone. That is, eat it as a full meal and drink your water later. If you can afford it, super charge it with water of the right ph. Bang, you just took medication in form of fruits and water. Very serious debilitating illnesses have responded to this style of eating used as treatment where the sick person becomes healed.

I leave you with an appeal in this second month, still very early in the year- make your food and water your medicine, so that medication will not be your food. Let us make our bodies work for us and carry us a great distance. It is our responsibility to do so, not Gods’.

Anthony Robbins in his book ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ in the Physical Destiny chapter says “Sell your car and buy a juicer. It will carry you farther than your car”.
Your body is the only vehicle you have to live out your dreams. Start this year to respect and take good care of it.

Have a successful month!


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