Good day smart worker. I believe you are doing great at work. Do not mind that you are not on the news or on the tabloids for the good work you are doing. Just keep putting in your best, enjoying the fact that your input is not only solving problems, it is also making someone happy. You are simply doing great.

I believe you are taking good care of the greatest machine ever made-your body. That is how I refer to it at my health talks and people initially wonder why, until I explain it with their own experiences of healing/recovery. The human body is dynamic. The maker built it to last and filled the earth with the maintenance materials. However, we, through are terrible choices, invade it with the wrong things, then wonder why it fails us so woefully. How do I know this? I was there over two decades ago. I was only able to identify what was killing me slowly because I listened to my body. Listen to your body, for it speaks everyday and regularly too.

One of the best things you will need to do for your body is to listen to it. Yes, listen for the body speaks. It will tell you what the food you ingest is doing to it. That is how I came to know what was disorganizing my whole life as allergy. May be it would have even caused my early exit if I did not stop eating the culprit food. Allergy kills. I believe you know that. However,  today I am not writing about allergies. This is about you listening and responding appropriately to what you are hearing your body say.

Sickness generally is a wake up call that something is wrong. However, long before one actually falls completely ill, there has been nudges albeit neglected. As one crosses into a new decade in age, the body’s ability to digest all that one has been eating before reduces due to reduction in the hormones and  digestive juices. Interestingly, these reductions start in our 20s as opposed to what we were made to believe that it starts at middle age. Aging starts in our 20s and it is slightly different for everyone based on a few factors. The chief of which is food and drink choices, followed by longevity heritage, which is the very high rate of cell renewal.  The faster your cells renew, the slower you will age from inside out. So I ask, how are your food and drink choices?

Nearly all sicknesses can be traced to what we ingested and inhaled. That brings the environment you spend time in into the picture. You may say ‘I cannot control that. That is the environment my employer provided to carry on work’. Make a demand and suggestion for a better one. Everyone will be more productive in a better/healthier environment.

Listen to your body so you can apply body intelligence which Stephen Covey calls “Physical Intelligence” in the 8th Habit of Highly Effective People. In that book, he says we all must be equipped with four intelligence quotients, Physical Intelligence(PQ) being one of them. Ability to take care of your body for maximum productivity. Anthony Robbins corroborated this in “Physical Destiny” chapter in his book “Awaken The Giant Within”.  If you do not stop to heed the small nudges that your body gives you, nature will stop you through illness to take care of it. Hopefully, it can be corrected then.

I leave you with my own experience of listening to my body. Slightly over two decades ago, I used to suffer from very incapacitating sinuses. My mom had already taught us how to detox with what was commonly used then. As an adult, I kept doing it. Mine was Epsom salt. I will take it. However, the very next day, I will return to what was poisoning my system without knowing it. Someone who saw how disturbed I was by the sinuses one day, told me to load up on fruits to fight it. That was when I developed my love for fruits. I just needed to overcome this. I will eat fruit as whole meal, not that wrong way we were thought which rather aggravated the body’s acidity. It worked for a few years, then resumed with vehemence. This time it came with itching and boils. Anti-histamins handled the itching, but the boils refused to heal even with antibiotics. They must be incised and drained at a clinic. However, they never healed, because I will ignorantly go back to the culprit food. It was there I was told to find what was causing it. It could be topical (cream/soap) or ingested food. I isolated foods until I could identify it- wheat products. I was glutein intolerant. Every bite of any wheat product I ate was ‘poison ivy’ to my system. My problem ended by keeping it out of my menu. The boils simply ceased. Up until my late 20s, my body could digest glutein or so I believe. The party was over for me as I approached 30. Today do I still eat wheat products? Yes. Very minimally with detoxification in view.

Do yourself a huge favor, listen to your body, for it speaks. As we age, the body can no longer handle some things. It is intelligent, respect it. Remember, it is the only vehicle our creator gave us to fulfill our dreams here, innovating and impacting the earth. Make it work for you!


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