Love is in the Air

Today is lovers day, I learnt. Since I was little, I have been hearing about it – Valentine’s day. However, I never had the chance of celebrating it the way people do. My husband does not believe in it. I do not push for it also because my understanding of love is deeper than celebrating one day out of 365 days.

I believe in loving an individual for being a creation of God and an extension of Him. That way, I have been able to love some very difficult and hard to get along people to the extent people ask me “How do you get along with such a person”, and I just smile and give this answer, “It is the side of the elephant you touch that you will describe. May be I touch the softer part”. Better still, I chose to accommodate.  I guess some people have asked another person that question concerning me too. Truth is once in a while people throw up their difficult part and say in their minds “deal with that” and you truly dealt with it the best way you knew.

This one day will come and go, with the euphoria and frenzy. However, that difficult human being will still be there, either in your office or home. Use part of this frenzied love to reconnect with that person on a different level. See, I used different not deeper. Is there any good thing you can do for that person who has really upset you, trampled on you, despised you etc. Enact ways of loving the person. Remember you don’t have to be friends.

A few suggestions. If you are working in the office with such a person, when you come across what will help him/her to deliver better at work, forward it; you come across an information that will enhance his report to management, forward it to him/her. On their special days, send a greeting. If such days are posted on social media, drop a line. Remember, this difficult person you will have to spend eight hours of everyday with cannot be wished away. Device loving ways to work with that person. Same with that difficult person at home, for love is in the air. That is part of my understanding of love. Trust me, it will even improve your health.

Have a lovely weekend.


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