The Abundant Earth


Happy new year to you and your lovely family.
The year has kicked into full gear for everyone. It is that time of the year when we all make resolutions and try to keep to them, pursuing our goals.

During the festive season, I kept my mind on this abundant earth, totally jam packed with all that man needs to live and succeed. The creator of the universe ensured we had all that is necessary and abundantly so. However, it dawned on me, His own abundance too. He is available for us all. As many as we are on this earth, we are not struggling to breathe. As many as we are, we have enough space to co-exist, not sitting on each other’s laps nor sleeping on each other except those forced by a fellow man to do so. The earth is vast enough and abundantly equipped. It was made so by an abundant God himself. He is simply the almighty creator. And He goes by different names in different cultures.

That dream you have for yourself has been abundantly provided for. It does not matter if one million people have the same dream, yours has been provided for and abundantly so. There’s no need to try to steal from someone else or displace another to have yours. Think that way and you will experience abundance in your life this year. Encourage people around you to think about the abundant God who ensures that as many as we are, we are all breathing at the same time. No one is deprived of air except by his fellow man.

Your dream has been abundantly provided for by an abundant God, reach for it.

I wish you God’s infinite flow of all that you require to live your dream life in this 2019.


Drink Right to Stay Motivated

I believe you are having fun with your body, the greatest machine ever made. I appeal that you to take good care of it so it can serve you well and for a long time.

The body has ability to heal itself even when it finally succumbs to an attack of virus if the right things are ingested. God made that your machine to not only last but also renew. It’s the renewal that gives it the lasting capability; and this renewal is meant to be on a daily basis. You the owner and manager of this machine daily loading it with the benefits of abundant renewing foods that God has provided for us. However, He will not put these healing foods in our mouths. That is what we should do by and for ourselves and families. Imagine if everyone in your family takes time to eat and drink with a health conscious mentality? I am trying my best to steer all in my home to do that. Making them realise that, even in eating, decision making is important. Because, if anyone falls ill, time tables will need to be reaaranged, which obviously will affect some things including financial resources.

Let us look at the simple action of hand washing. If ignored and someone eats with unwashed fingers that have touched so many things/places, thereby picking germs from all those things/places. Infection is usually the result. This finally shows up with high fever late in the evening. List and count the cost of all that will be done before everyone can have a peaceful night rest. Effect of this may even affect the next day.

Living consciously must be applied in our health habits too. If you have to change what takes up 75% space in your body to have good health, do it. It will still be cheaper than treating a debilitating illness. Every glass of the right can of water you drink does the right thing to your system( watch out

It is the festive season when people buy those expensive designer shoes, bags and apparel to show off. Anthony Robbins said in his book AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN,  “Sell your car and buy a juicer. It will take you farther than your car”. He was talking about juicing your fruits and vegetables.

I will say ‘Instead of designer shoes, bags and apparels on potential sick bodies, invest in an affordable alkaline water machine for you and your family. Your bodies will shine in any brand’.

Improve on the quality of what you drink. Hydrate your body from the cellular level!

Have a successful week.






Drink Right to Stay Motivated

Compliments of the season.

I have been off air due to band width issue. Even when I finally increased it, the hosting company was having issues putting me back on.

I believe you are having good revelations about your body now that you are taking time to listen to it. Always remember that it is the only vehicle you have to bring forth your dreams. Hence it has to be taken seriously. People say the graveyard is very rich. Promise yourself that your own dreams will not be added to the ones already there. Therefore you will ensure you die empty.

I hope you were able to open this Glycemic Index (GI)link:-

Use it to guide you in what and how you eat. Especially during your lunch hours. Remember you have to stay alert during the second half of the day to complete that work.

I am still on what you ingest and will talk about water today.

The body is 75% water and like me, you are  trying to drink the 8 liters of water that we have been told the body needs to function. However, what they forgot to include in the literature is that all you take as liquid make up this 8 liters. That is your tea, fizzy drinks etc. So do not drown yourself in water alone. Add up all you drink, just make sure you take the right liquids. And that brings me to the alkaline water talk.

People are asking why so much buzz about it now.  Ask yourself this ‘If my body is 75% water, what is the nature of the one I drink?’.

When you were born, your body was in the perfect alkaline state.  If you have had children, you will remember that even your husband was asked to wash his hands before carrying your new born baby. That was so you don’t contaminate that pure state. However, as you the baby continues to be exposed to the acidic environment including food and water you ingest, the alkalinity of your body is being reduced and of course illnesses set in. By the time you are a full grown adult, if you do not consciously eat and drink right, you will be an acidic adult, susceptible to all sorts of illness. This is the reason some young adults’ body  immune system have been so compromised that it cannot fight off any serious illness. Poor choices of food and drink.

I call the body the GREATEST MACHINE ever made. That is how I start my health talk in class. The manufacturer, God almighty built it to last, however, with your cooperation. MAKE yours last for you. Drink the right kind of water.

Click on library at this site to read more on benefits of ALKALINE Water:

Enjoy your weekend!




Eat Right to Stay Motivated

Good day smart and hard worker. Trust your week went well and you tried to make the right choice of foods to help you stay motivated as I wrote on Tuesday.

One of the things you will need to do for your body is to listen to it. Yes, listen for the body speaks. It will tell you what the food you ingest is doing to it. That is how I came to know what was disorganizing my whole life as allergy. May be it would have even caused my early exit if I didn’t stop eating it. Allergy kills. I believe you know that. However today I am not writing about allergies. This is about individual ‘knock out foods’.

What are those foods that when you eat them at lunch hour, your day comes to an end. They just tell your body the day is over. They are good foods and don’t give you allergies, but they just don’t fuel you for the next half of the day. That is your ‘knock out food’. It just knocked you out. Stop eating them on week day lunch hours because you need to finish that day still alert. May be you keep them to enjoy at home on weekends. You can call them your reward meals for the week if that sounds better to make you go for them. Like I mentioned earlier, they don’t give you allergies, they just make you lethargic.

A meal at lunch hour ought to fuel you for the second half of the day. Go for such. The glycemic index will give you an indication of what kind of foods those are.

Foods high on the GI scale can help you recover quickly from exercise but with a slumped energy within an hour. Whilst foods with low GI can energize you for the rest half of the day. Your body depends on you to help it stay strong and alert over the 7-8 hours office/business time. This chart helps me a lot:

The weekend starts today. Load up on those your ‘knock out foods’ from this evening if you can immediately identify them. However, begin to slow it down by Sunday afternoon so you don’t wake up on Monday morning wondering why you have to go to work. Eat right so you will say ‘Thank God It’s Monday’, looking forward to continue living your goals.

Have a restful weekend eating right!

Eat Right to Stay Motivated

Trust you had  a lovely Monday and your week has opened up beautifully. One of the many ways to keep yourself motivated is to be healthy. That means watching what you ingest as food/snacks and how you ingest it. Simply follow a healthy diet and drink the right kind of water. People often answer me saying this calls for discipline and that is correct.

A weak or unhealthy body is more prone to stress and emotional swings. If your body is strong and well-nourished, your mind will also be in top condition, keeping you motivated. Know foods and beverages that can affect your mood.  Familiarize yourself with them, then eat the ones that are known to revitalize and energize the body.

Always remember that it is the food we eat that eventually cause the different illnesses in people. Determine to make your choice of food medicine for your body. It will save you a lot of money.

Live Your Conviction, Stay Motivated


Sometime in our lives we will come to a point where we have to live our convictions, some call it ‘Living My Truth’.  Whatever you call it, you will eventually get there.

We may have a few fellow believers in that conviction room from the beginning or we just have to travel it alone initially. However, it is usually scantily filled at the onset. Presidents and leaders who truly are servants have traveled that road. On that road, you will be derided by some, threatened by some, rejected by some and may even be called ‘mad’.  Stay on it if you are convinced. You will eventually have company. Especially if what you are mad about ‘will bring the ultimate good to your fellow man’.

As I read different accounts of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s book on how he conceded defeat, one thing stands out- he ‘lived his truth’. Which is, being president/leader is not so important to him to allow the blood of any Nigerian drop. Simple, it is not a do or die affair he means and he lived it to the glare of the whole world.

He rose that day higher than what he was despite his faults. The moment you decide to do what will bring ultimate good to your fellow man, be it to only one person, you become larger, bigger and and a better person.

Click on the link here and read a story of how a president decided to live his conviction and stood by one family that were daring enough to be on that road with him using their 6 year old daughter to fight for the ultimate good of their fellow race men and the soldiers who were brave enough to go against what their fellow country men believed. Eventually, when the fickle minded people understood that the color of blood is red, no matter the skin color it flows out from, they joined them in the hall of conviction to change things:

As a corporate person, when you announce your conviction about a vision, do not expect everyone to follow immediately. Just build your case with facts and figures. Be ready to stand in the conference room to present until they understand that it is for the ultimate good of us all. It may not immediately change the bottom line upwards, but it will, sometime soon, let them know that. Listen to the dissident voices to understand them, for understanding is not agreement. It is so you can explain further the grey areas. Encourage the diffident ones to speak, they may actually be on your side. Shyness is dumbness.

What is your ‘Truth/Conviction?’ Do not be afraid to live it. It is your voice and it could save a soul or a situation.

Have a restful weekend.

Be Alert and Motivated

Happy new week. I believe you had a good weekend.

I believe you took time to think about the first universal value – that which will bring ultimate good to your fellow man.

Yes, all one’s activities should start with this thought in mind. That which I do/about to do, ‘how will it benefit my fellow man’. Major reason people set up businesses-To meet a need. In order words to serve my fellow man for a fee. Some roll out services/products that they charge very low fees for, so the common man can use their services/products. However, millions will have opportunity to use the service/product, cutting off the upper class who have the wherewith all to chose and show class distinction. To such organizations, more people are impacted, have a critical need met and they are happy bringing ultimate good to their fellow man.

Same mindset should be in you. Indeed, in every man. Now think about it. If every human being thinks this way, the world will be a sweet place to live.

Start from your little corner. Make it a big one by thinking beyond yourself because you are not separate from your coworker. You are one with your colleague-humans. Make that workplace a place someone else will look forward to coming. Thereby you too will look forward to going.

Think universally, for we are all connected and the world is a global village.

I wish you a successful week!

Be Alert and Motivated

Good morning beautiful audience.

Thank you for reading. I believe this blog is adding value to you.

I deliberately didn’t post on Tuesday and Wednesday so you can digest what I wrote on Monday.

Ask yourself if I have so many chances to have that thing which seems to be eluding me, what sort of human being should I be in my:

1. Thoughts


3. Deeds

Everything starts from the thought realm, where you imagine it. Then you converse with yourself before you even touch base in conversation with someone else who won’t trample on your thoughts, before you eventually do it. Over time, we all come to know who to share our thoughts with.

So watch your thoughts. Start from there to make it positive. Empower your thoughts by conversing with positive words too and move to do things with universal values.

The first universal value is: that which will bring ultimate good to your fellow man.


Have a lovely day.





Stay FOCUSED and Motivated

Beautiful Monday morning to you.

I trust that you had a restful weekend and like me you woke up to continue to pursue your dream. Keep moving.

Let me tell you something. No matter how elusive that goal is, if you live to be 70, you will have five chances to manifest that big dream. Yes, five(5) chances to hit it big. And if you live to be 120 years, you will have 9 chances. So the charge this moring continues – Stay FOCUSED on that goal.

Stay Connected and Motivated

Recognize your achievements – This is not just all about knowing your own milestones. It is also about celebrating them visually. You can do this by throwing off a party and inviting your friends over. This way, you will always be reminded about how success feels like. So when you are faced with a dilemma, there will be a stronger will to overcome with a knowing that great things are waiting for you.