Principles of Communication

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One thing we will be doing throughout our lives will be communicating. From our homes, through the road as we commute, to the place where we earn a living. Hence it is one area we all must keep improving. It is my major area of research.

Communication has been defined and redefined severally in trying to improve it but most people still run with this improved basic definition as “Passing of Information from one person to another with meaning and receiving feedback.” As simple as that definition is, communication breakdown continues to happen in all strata of the society. It is the foundation of many problems from the home to the marketplace.

We will like to work with you to improve the communication in your office using a working definition that will definitely improve how people communicate around you and with your customers. Just fill the form on: You will hear from me.

Meanwhile, use the Principles of Communication also referred to as the 7Cs of Communication to improve your communication with all you interact with:-

The 7 Cs of Communication:

1. CLARITY- Always plan to be clear in your communication. Do not be ambiguous in what you are passing across so you always have your audience.
2. COURTESY- Be courteous in both written and verbal communication. Courtesy will endear people to you.
3. CONSIDERATION- Consider the recipient of your communication. Address the person/group rightly and give them what will make him/them respond favorably to you.
4. CONCRETENESS- Give concrete facts on what you are conveying. Research to get your facts.
5. CONCISENESS- Do not be verbose. Be explicit, however, make it succinct so people can remember. Obey the
K.I.S.S rule – Keep It Short and Simple.
6. CORRECTNESS- Use the correct level of language. Do not speak above or below the recipient of your communication. Find out how those you interact with both physically and through mails want to be addressed and do so correctly. Also give correct information.
7. COMPLETENESS- Give a complete message. Going back and forth on a topic to extract information from you can be frustrating for the other party. This borders on planning. Planning your communication will help you reduce cost and create understanding in the other person/group.
If you observe 1 to 6, you will be tending towards a complete communication anyway.

Make a conscious effort to get better at communicating with all around you and importantly, with your clients/customers.

Have a successful week.

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