The Abundant Earth


Happy new year to you and your lovely family.
The year has kicked into full gear for everyone. It is that time of the year when we all make resolutions and try to keep to them, pursuing our goals.

During the festive season, I kept my mind on this abundant earth, totally jam packed with all that man needs to live and succeed. The creator of the universe ensured we had all that is necessary and abundantly so. However, it dawned on me, His own abundance too. He is available for us all. As many as we are on this earth, we are not struggling to breathe. As many as we are, we have enough space to co-exist, not sitting on each other’s laps nor sleeping on each other except those forced by a fellow man to do so. The earth is vast enough and abundantly equipped. It was made so by an abundant God himself. He is simply the almighty creator. And He goes by different names in different cultures.

That dream you have for yourself has been abundantly provided for. It does not matter if one million people have the same dream, yours has been provided for and abundantly so. There’s no need to try to steal from someone else or displace another to have yours. Think that way and you will experience abundance in your life this year. Encourage people around you to think about the abundant God who ensures that as many as we are, we are all breathing at the same time. No one is deprived of air except by his fellow man.

Your dream has been abundantly provided for by an abundant God, reach for it.

I wish you God’s infinite flow of all that you require to live your dream life in this 2019.


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