The Power of Antioxidants

The body is made up of trillions of cells which are responsible for various tasks to keep the body functioning as it should and especially support good health as the maker wants it to.

When we eat, the body generates what is called free radicals from our food in the process of converting it to energy. We also get some from the air around us and even from the sun’s action on our skin.
The process of generating the free radicals is called oxidative stress. Some people’s bodies are under serious oxidative stress and some mild ones depending on the type of food and exposure the individual gives the body.
According to livescience, the body is under constant attack from oxidative stress. Oxygen usually splits into two single atoms with impaired electrons. Since these electrons like to be in pairs, these single atoms called free radicals latch unto other electrons so they can be in pairs again. Free radicals have voracious appetite for electrons, stealing from any substance that will yield them thereby distorting the structure of our DNA, causing aging or sickness. They are the cause of aging and sicknesses which of course are as a result of damaged immune system.

However, there are free radicals fighters and attackers that nullify their handful effects. They are called antioxidants. We can get them from food or take processed ones.

Antioxidants help defend the cells from free radical damage. Eating antioxidant rich foods can assist in boosting production of more by the body. As we get older, there is a reduction in the ability of our bodies to produce antioxidants. It is therefore necessary to boost production with ingested ones. Some people chose to go for just antioxidant rich foods. However, one can only eat so much.

I was pushed to add processed antioxidants to boost my daily supply so I can fight the allergic condition I had. It worked for me and I am still using antioxidants. I tried quite a few and finally settled for something that is absorbed at the cellular level. It is liquid, which makes it look far from being a medication (I hate tablets) and produced from seeds. Read about the power of seeds.

RainSOUL is a blend of natural organic seed oils that delivers the most potent wholesome food nutrients packed in a certified USA facility using unheated ‘cold-pressed’ technology.
The seeds used for production are:

  1. Black raspberry
  2. Chardonnay grape seed
  3. Black Cumin Seed

For further reading on Rain antioxidants rich supplements, click the link below:

Always remember that as one gets older, the body cells renewal time reduces. Viral and bacterial infections can even be life threatening due to weakening immune system. Supercharge your system with food supplements (antioxidants) to boost your immunity. However, pick the right ones. Especially those that work from the cellular level. That is where death starts from, the cells.

To be continued.



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