Your Gut Feeling

The year is moving fast to be halved and things are becoming clearer. However, the road may be a little bumpy for some people, thereby slowing them down. If you are one of such, do not worry. Note the bumpy areas and gather the lessons they are teaching you. This is so that if you meet such bumpy area again ahead, you will identify it and immediately apply lessons learned whilst being open still for new insights. That is how it works.

In management, it is called – applying Your Gut Feeling. In using your gut feeling, you will not have to think too hard about it. Rather you will draw from your past experience and where you are at that moment to make the right decision.

The gut feeling is an area you will need to develop, respect and use consistently for your work. Develop it. Always remember this, it is what you make from whatever you do as work that funds every other area of your life.
Celebrate work.


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